PTA General Meeting Minutes, September 30, 2022


Tetiane Gorden, Alicia Nunez, Gregory Mines, Kim Cotter, Brandon Cotter, Lauren Rosenthal, Katie Keller, Mike Keller, Kat Francis, Jacqui Vazquez, Alex Newell, Margi and John Felix Lund, Kelli Terrill, Carla Wootton, Christine Vial, John Melvin, Martin Castillo, Nayeli Perez, Jessica Fletcher, Brian Fletcher, Beth VanBuecken, Tammy Correa, Heather Binford, Jason Binford, Nikki Wilson, Paul Wilson, Michael Horrigan, Elda Carraseo, Leonor Principe, Zach Anderson, Jeremy Simer, Shelly Gillespie, Adrienne So, Joe Gorden, Tara Mayhew, Jonathan Saviore, Destiny Hernandez, Angela Redeau, Libby Listowich, Annalisa Romano, Destiny Hernandez Quezada


Start at 5:45pm

Facilitators: Shelly Gillespie and Beth Van Bueden
We have Spanish interpretation and headsets. We have parent volunteers helping with childcare in the teacher lounge.

What has the PTA done?
2019: Rebuilt playground
2020: Community Garden/ grants for Grow
2021: Bought tables and chairs for the kids to eat outside during pandemic times
2022: what are we going to do?
Get to know you exercise.
What’s planned for the coming year?
What are your ideas/we want you to be involved
Our Budget: What’s in it and how we use it

Teacher Support

Refreshing the Teacher Lounge: We received a $5000 grant to make the teacher lounge beautiful. Please donate anything in good condition that can help the teacher lounge feel more homey.

Student Support

PTA was able to provide snacks for the first couple of weeks.

Green Team

Parents are leading a grounds cleanup this weekend on Saturday October 1, 10am-2pm.

Kids are getting a monthly garden class from GROW Portland. We are eligible for a $5000 grant from Metro to help beautify the school. Bring ideas to grounds cleanup. Bring bottles and cans! We can redeem them to fund the PTA.

Dia de Los Muertos

Sunday October 30, 1pm-5pm

This will be the 4th year that we’ve celebrated Day of the Dead at James John. The event will be from 1pm-5pm, kids are welcome to bring in their photos. On the sign in sheet, you can sign up to help or contact Mariella, Alicia or Carla. Lots of volunteer opportunities

Anti Racism training

Last year was our 2nd event. It’s a learning opportunity for adults, and shows
kids we are committed to anti-racism. We generally hire a speaker.

Environmental concerns

Tonight, you can see that we used durable plates and flatware that was
brought in by Jessica, the sustainability chair.

Getting involved

Volunteers: we need and would love to have you help in any way you can.

Membership: You must be a member to vote. Membership is $10/person, but we accept registration for any amount.

Fundraising: we have many ways to do this. And all of the activities above are funded by it. We want to make it fun- if you want to help, please let us know. No experience is required!

  • Bottle and Can Drive
  • Amazon/ Fred Meyer programs
  • Sustainer Membership
  • Some people work for companies that have matching programs for sustainer donations.

Board intro, budget and voting

Presidents: Marge, Mariella
VP: Ventura
Treasurer: Amy G
Communications: Christine
Jessica: Sustainability
Kim: Green
Anna: secretary

Budget Overview

The budget is a reflection of our priorities. Because of the way the PTA rules are, we have to pass the budget at this meeting. But the budget can be amended. So you if you think of something that is not represented in our budget, talk to us, and we can work on it.

How we vote

To vote you have to be a PTA member. If you signed up last year, you can still vote
through the end of the month. You must sign up again starting next month. If you haven’t ever signed up then you have sign up now to vote tonight.

Roberts Rules of Order

  1. A member makes a motion, another member 2nds it
  2. Allow time for discussion
  3. Close the debate
  4. Vote

Question on budget- there is a line item for $500 for “event”- what is that for? A: We haven’t quite decided what the event will be. It’s a placeholder for when the plan is finalized.

Jonathan Savoy Made a motion to adopt the budget as it stands for the 2022-2023 school year
Alex Newman seconded it
27 – All approved- 0 opposed

Beth moved to add Amy Galucci to IQ credit union account
Nikki Wilson seconded it
27 approved- 0 opposed

Standing Rules
Greg Mines Made a motion to adopt the standing rules
Lauren Rosenthal 2nd
Discussion: Jeremy moves to amend that “Dues are voluntary and on a sliding scale”
Anna 2nd that
27 approved
We support standing rules – unanimous.

We are removing Misty Gremaud from the IQ Credit Union

Additional opportunities to help

Dr. Melvin thanked all the volunteers.
There are daily volunteer opportunities in the school.

These are tasks that happen on a fairly regular task that can be done, and we could use help if anyone would like to volunteer in the office, for example hall monitors.

Classes start at 8:00 am. We need help getting the kids to class on time.

We are bringing back school site council. It’s a group of teachers and parents who meet with Dr. Melvin and Mr. Castillo. Team reviews the school improvement plan. There will be 6 meetings at 5:30 on Tuesdays. Dates to be decided.

Mr. Castillo- when he was a teacher his first PTA meeting was 6 October – Spirit Day tomorrow – see slides for all other October Events.

Closed at 6:50.

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