James John PTA General Meeting: Thursday January 19, 2023

Mariela Perez, Brenda Ramos, Heather Binford, Jason Binford, Annalisa Romano, Jacqui Vazquez, Amy Galucci, Tetiane Gordon, Ivon Huerta, Jonathon Savoie, Courtney Savoie,Katie Keller, Paul Wilson, Lale Santelices, Bryan Fletcher, Lauren Rosenthal, Kim Cotter, Christine Vial, Katie Keller, Marge Heffernan, Adrienne So, Charlotte hodde, Shelley Gillespie, Jeremy Simer, Martin Castillo Human Bingo (walk around and askContinue reading “James John PTA General Meeting: Thursday January 19, 2023”

November 17, 2022 PTA General meeting

In attendance: Heather Bindford,Katie Keller, Keith Kuurczeski, NikkiWilson, Laura kurtz,Arianna Garrino,Kelli Terrill, Ivan Huerta, Kathryn Henderson, Jay Longfellow, Kim Cotter, BethVanBuecken, Shelley Gillespie, Kate Sime, Lauren Rozenthal, Jackie Vazquez, Annalisa Romano,Amy Gallucci, Marge Hefernan, Jessica and Brian Fletcher, Jeremy Simer, Charlotte Hodde Announcements o Run by volunteers. If you can volunteer, please contact Christine VialoContinue reading “November 17, 2022 PTA General meeting”

PTA General Meeting Minutes, September 30, 2022

Attendees Tetiane Gorden, Alicia Nunez, Gregory Mines, Kim Cotter, Brandon Cotter, Lauren Rosenthal, Katie Keller, Mike Keller, Kat Francis, Jacqui Vazquez, Alex Newell, Margi and John Felix Lund, Kelli Terrill, Carla Wootton, Christine Vial, John Melvin, Martin Castillo, Nayeli Perez, Jessica Fletcher, Brian Fletcher, Beth VanBuecken, Tammy Correa, Heather Binford, Jason Binford, Nikki Wilson, PaulContinue reading “PTA General Meeting Minutes, September 30, 2022”

Emergency General Meeting, March 26th 2020

Español abajo- The James John PTA can help support our school community in this time of crisis. Members, please join our emergency general meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 26 at 6:30 – 7:30pm. We will vote on a budget change so that funds can be allocated to a nonprofit, such as Self Enhancement Inc. andContinue reading “Emergency General Meeting, March 26th 2020”

James John PTA Equity & Inclusion Plan / Plan de equidad e inclusión de la Asociación de padres y maestros (PTA) de James John

Español abajo. Adopted unanimously by James John PTA Board November 5, 2019 1. Background Persistent and pervasive racial inequities exist in our neighborhood, our school district, and our nation, across all indicators of education, wellness, and health. Other groups of people are also marginalized, including based on gender, sexual orientation, ability and age, to name butContinue reading “James John PTA Equity & Inclusion Plan / Plan de equidad e inclusión de la Asociación de padres y maestros (PTA) de James John”