James John PTA General Meeting: Thursday January 19, 2023

Mariela Perez, Brenda Ramos, Heather Binford, Jason Binford, Annalisa Romano, Jacqui Vazquez, Amy Galucci, Tetiane Gordon, Ivon Huerta, Jonathon Savoie, Courtney Savoie,Katie Keller, Paul Wilson, Lale Santelices, Bryan Fletcher, Lauren Rosenthal, Kim Cotter, Christine Vial, Katie Keller, Marge Heffernan, Adrienne So, Charlotte hodde, Shelley Gillespie, Jeremy Simer, Martin Castillo

Human Bingo (walk around and ask questions)
Grow Portland – A PTA sponsored program that supports schools and communities by
facilitating hands-on garden experiences that foster connections to food, nature and each

  • will have a sub in the garden class staring this week
  • Could use parent help contact the school office
  • Need Volunteer background check through PPS
  • Growportland.org on social media to find out more
    PTA and PBOT: supporting Safe Routes to School
  • A partnership between the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), schools,
    neighbors, community organizations and agencies continuing to increase safety and
    improve health for students and their families.
  • Speaker: Lale Santelices from PBOT
  • What makes a “safe route” or “Priority Investment Route”- most likely used routes
  • Parent Volunteer and Board Member
  • Jessica Fletcher has applied for Grants have been applied for that can give us the
    opportunity to give bikes, helmets, safety gear, etc, for kids in need .
  • Restaurant Night at Stormbreaker, Monday Feb 6 from 5-7pm
  • Annual Celebration of Black History- Thurs Feb 23 starts at 5:30PM
    o T-shirt Design chosen by Black Family Affinity Group
    o James John School funding is providing a t-shirt for every student
    o Adults can pre-order their own for $15
  • Shelly raises a motion to potentially use $500 to buy extra shirts for the Black History.
    With the idea that the money will be returned
    o Jonathan Savoie and Jason Binford 2nd the motion
  • Walk/Roll/Ride to school Wednesday Feb 15th, 2023
    o Meet a St. Johns Community Center from 7:30am
    o Group walk to school at 7:50
    o Want to lead a Wednesday Walk-n-Roll Route to school? Contact Jessica
  • PPS Clothing Center- Thursday March 16 needs voluteers
    o Leave around 9/9:15am and return by 2pm
    o Marshall Campus 3901 SE 91st Ave- want to carpool? Contact Christine
  • Walk and Roll-A-Thon- Friday March 24
    o Adopt- A-Bike matches Friday March 17th after school
    o Help make recess a success! High fives on the playground as kids to do their laps
    is great way to share your support for the school
    o Money raised will be split between Black affinity group, Hora de Café and PTA
    o Donations will be accepted online or by sign-up sheet. Open from March 1-April
    o Have Questions/ Want to help contact Jessica Sustainability@jamesjohnpta.org
  • Alumni Bingo. The Present and Future of James John: Let’s Play some Bingo!
    o Saturday April 15
    o People will be able to tour of school
    o Plan to invite the greater community
    o Karaoke DJ has been secured
    o Have question or want to help? Check in with Mariela and Marge
  • Additional Fundraising support is always appreciated
    o Small monthly donations are a huge help
    ▪ Set it up JamesJohnPTA.org
    o Corporate matching can double your efforts- ask your employer if they do this!
  • Mural Project- Kindergarten Building will get a fresh new mural Summer/Fall 2024
    o Planning phase has begun

o Will need 30-40K
o Grants and fundraising will be used to offset the cost

  • Grounds Clean-up and Can Drive on Feb 4 10-12pm
    o Blue bags for collecting bottles and cans can be found in the school office in the
    PTA Box
  • Open Seats for 2023-24 School Year
    o Volunteer Coordinator- call for help- Shelly would like to pass the baton to the
    next Volunteer Coordinator- if you would like to step into this position she will
    guide you into it this year
    o Green Team Coordinator
    o Secretary
    o Website/ Tech person
    o Co-Fundraising Coordinator
  • Christine Vial- Teacher’s lounge is finishing up-
    Next Friday no school- need help to pull furniture out, paint, put some furniture together

Let Christine know
Any Questions? Email or ask anyone on the Board! president@jamesjohnpta.org

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