November 17, 2022 PTA General meeting

In attendance: Heather Bindford,Katie Keller, Keith Kuurczeski, NikkiWilson, Laura kurtz,
Arianna Garrino,Kelli Terrill, Ivan Huerta, Kathryn Henderson, Jay Longfellow, Kim Cotter, Beth
VanBuecken, Shelley Gillespie, Kate Sime, Lauren Rozenthal, Jackie Vazquez, Annalisa Romano,
Amy Gallucci, Marge Hefernan, Jessica and Brian Fletcher, Jeremy Simer, Charlotte Hodde


  • Clothing center- Marshall Campus-
    o Resource that is available for all PPS students 2 visits per year.

o Run by volunteers. If you can volunteer, please contact Christine Vial
o on December 1st from 9am-2pm

  • Jessica Fletcher- If anyone wants to start a walking school bus- contact her
  • Movie Night- December 15 If anyone would like to help plan, or volunteer on night of,
    please contact Anna Romano or Amy Galucci
  • New Mural on the Kindergarten Building- planning committee if you want to help plan
    contact Kim Cotter.
  • Our Standing Rules now say that we will have our meeting on Thursdays at 5:30- we’d
    like to change them, so we are not stuck with 5:30 time frame.
  • Beth makes a motion to change the rules from meeting will be at 5:30 to meeting will be
    on Thursday evenings.
    o Laura Curtis 2nd
    o Unanimous Vote
  • Jessica makes a motion to use/ accept 5,000 grant-and to use the $5000
    o Beth 2
    o Unanimous Vote
  • The PTA is committed to giving teachers mini grants $250 per teacher
  • Teacher Appreciation
    o Teachers will be here long hours, we the PTA would like to make and bring in
    food on Monday so the teachers have food and snacks during the conferences
  • Jay Longfellow Special Guest Speaker
    o How to volunteer in class- ask your teacher! Ask them again. Propose something
    o Jay Longfellow is the school union rep.
    o The district meetings are public. You can go to them

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