PTA General Meeting Minutes, October 21 2021

  • Attendees: Gregory Mines, Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Margi and John Felix-Lund, Amy Gallucci, Amanda Scott, Amy Occhialino, Lauren Rosethal, Misty Gremaud, Becky Freeman, Lynne Smause, Sara Meyer, Nikki Wilson, Libby Listowich, Tara Mayhew, Shellie Gillespie, Anthony Loff


Snack at school have halted for 2 weeks due to staffing/ delivery shortage. Christine Vial has put together a sign up genius sheet for caregivers to supply snack for classrooms  during this time. Your teachers should have sent out links.


Bus routes have been getting cancelled with little notice in the past few weeks, leaving some kids without a way to get to school. How can we help those kids?

  • We need to connect with our school community.
  • We can reach out via Facebook.
  • We can start walk to school groups.
  • Shelley Gillespie is willing to take on a small group to potentially drive to school.
  • Create a carpool list with John and & Cynthia. Shelley to be point person.

If you need to get PPS updates or get off the call list, go to the PPS website

Poinsettia Sale Fundraiser

Kim Cotter is leading the Pointsettia sale. The plan is to use funds to get artwork on the school fence. Local artist has donated time to cut plywood into fun animal shapes. Aiming to earn at least $1000.

All Poinsettia forms are due by October 29,2021

Can also buy items from Renae’s garden with code FRT6G and 20% off sale will go to James John.

School Garden

The greenhouse needs a new door—does anyone has a door or time and knows how to make a door and frame?

Dia del Los Muertos

The altar will be by the flagpole entrance this year. School classes will be making art. A small group of volunteers will be making sugar skulls for the kids to decorate on Monday (October 25th) at 8:15 am

On Saturday 30th October from 10am-1pm will be altar construction. There will be Aztec Dancers performing a couple of times through the day (the school will send out more info with exact times).

Bottle And Can Drive

We are collecting bottle and cans as a James John fundraiser. You can get blue bags with special barcodes on them to collect your bottles and cans. Return them to Hayden Island facility and the money will go directly to James John PTA. They cannot be dropped at Safeway. The PTA will plan for a day to bring items to school for the PTA to take to the bottle drop facility. Currently the bottle drop facility will be added extra to money to all bags dropped off going to non-profits, like the PTA.

Open Positions For The PTA This Year

  • Co-President
  • Secretary
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Parent Support
  • Library Support

Most positions have loose descriptions and are up to the individual to define how they want to run the position.

Project Warm

This year James John was selected for every student to receive a warm jacket for winter.

We will have a coat, hat, mitten, sock drive. The classes will keep windows open for airflow, so the kids will be cold in the classrooms. PTA would like to provide extra clothes for kids in need. If you have any, please drop off in the office.

This is especially important when the rain kicks in and we have kids sitting in wet clothes with open windows.

John Melvin And Cynthia Keiffer Update

Dr. Melvin and Ms. Keiffer could not be here this evening, but they passed on information.

  • Hora de Café and Coffee Talk will be starting up on Thursdays after drop off. A time to chat with the Principal / Vice Principal, to ask questions, and get school information in Spanish and English.
  • Bus Shortage: James John can put our info to help connect people that need rides and can give rides.
  • Thanks for pulling together for snacks, some have had extras, as a lot of parents have helped out.

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