PTA General Meeting Minutes, September 30th 2021

  • Attendees: Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Cynthia Kiefer, Sara Bills, Margi and John Felix-Lund, Amy Gallucci, Stephanie Ferruscon, Chaltu-Abuna, Paul Wilson, Amanda Scott, Jennifer Carmen Parller, Amy Occhialino, Lauren Rosethal, Greg Mines, Jessica Fletcher, Jennifer Beck, Susy Wassmuth, Sara Jacobs, Misty Gremaud

First Business: Approve budget and rules

Misty Germaud, Co-Treasurer, gave a rundown of the budget. Should anything come up, anything over $500 needs approval from the PTA at a general meeting.

Budget highlights

Bottle Drive: Fundraiser for James John PTA.  

  • Christine Vial has Blue Bags, or they can be found in the office in the PTA box.
  • There is a James John specific barcode on them, so all the funds are given to the PTA.
  • They must be dropped off at Hayden Island Bottle drop (not Safeway).
  • PTA can organize a time to bring the bags all at one to the bottle drop.

GROW: Garden education that PTA sponsors for all students.

  • Cost is $4200.
  • PTA has received grants and used funds from the Spring Plant Sale to pay for it.
  • We would like to see the garden as a legacy project that future PTAs can take care of and mold it into its best uses for the time.
  • Opportunity for new James John parents or new PTA members to volunteer to research/write grants.
  1. Christine Vial raised a motion to approve Budget 2021/2022.
  2. Marge Heffernan Second the motion.
  3. Approved: All.
  4. Opposed: 0.
  1. Christine Vial raised a motion to approve standing rules 2021/2022.
  2. Marge Heffernan Second the motion.
  3. Approved: All.
  4. Opposed: 0.

Amy Occhialino, President

We have been working to create parent community as a PTA, the Covid times have made it hard to keep the personal community going, and we are striving to rebuild this year.

What the PTA has done in the past few years:

  • Built the lower grade playground;
  • Garden Expansion and bring in GROW;
  • New Striping and resurfacing of the blacktop playground areas;
  • Funded $17,000 to James John families through weekly gift cards, food bags, and essential items during the pandemic;
  • PTA volunteers and Admin tackled the problem of eating outdoors this year, and solved with purchasing tables and chairs for the students through the PTA funds, and emergency general meeting to approve the budget;
  •  Shellie Gillespie spearheaded the volunteer group to help move tables and chairs daily.
  • James John spirit wear.

We have had to fund raise for much the items listed above. Currently we are without a Fundraising Chairperson. A Fundraising Chairperson would be in charge of putting together fundraising activities. You will lead a group of other volunteers.

Past fundraising activities have been the “Adult Prom” and Bingo! (which was cancelled on Friday 13, 2020, due to Covid).  

Ms. Keiffer: “This is a group of parents can lift us up as a community. There are so many committed parents in this group.”

Open Positions for PTA this year:

  • Co-President;
  • Secretary;
  • Fundraising Chair;
  • Membership Chair;
  • Volunteer Coordinator;
  • Parent Support;
  • Library Support.

Most positions have loose descriptions and are up to the individual to define how they want to run the position.

Project Warm

We will have a coat, hat, mitten, sock drive. The classes will keep windows open for airflow, so the kids will be cold in the classrooms. PTA would like to provide extra clothes for kids in need. If you have any, please drop off in the office.

John Melvin update

  • Safety protocols have taken up a lot of attention so far this year.
  • 4 Covid cases at school.
  • Currently 2 cases where they were potentially contagious at school.
  • Screening is about to start.  Parents must sign and turn in the paperwork
  • Has been a shortage of staff/para educators. James John has hired a few new people.
  • District is allocating money for James John to hire lunch supervisors.

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