PTA Emergency General Meeting Minutes, September 3rd 2021

  • Meeting start time: 8am.
  • Attendees: Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Nayeli Perez, Cynthia Kiefer, Sara Bills, Mason Marsh, Libby Listo, Carla Wooten, Ross and Carrie Turkus, Rebecca Green, Eva Ripato, Sara Meyer, Margi Felix-Lund, Ashley and Bob Lange, Ronica and Owen Norvell, Francis Storr.

Three points to discuss:

Christine Vial: We are meeting to vote on a budget for chairs so that the James John kids can use them during lunch to maintain a safer eating situation.

General Questions

Q. Ross: Why is the district not funding this? And what will the PTA loose out for spending this?

Christine: Unsure why. We do know that the district is partially funding it. Also unsure why we are not allowed to use what we already have.

  • PTA will use the tables and chairs (that we are funding) in the future.
  • PPS wants us to stop using the lunch tables as soon as possible. The PTA is on crunch time to make something happen.
  • PTA currently has the money for this endeavor, and can pay now to just get it done and make it safe right away.
Q. Can the PTA get a reimbursement from School District or State?
Christine: We don’t have an answer for that but can look into it.
Q.What are the consequences if we just keep using what we have?
Christine: Also unsure. We just know that the District has told the staff to stop using them. there is a lot to discuss that we don’t know the answers to, but this is our current solution to the issue that our kids will not have tables and chairs to sit at outside very soon, if we don’t do something.

Bob Lange: I propose a motion to put up to 5k in our budget and to write a letter to the district saying we will use the tables that we are already using until the tables and chairs arrive.

Rebecca Green: Second motion.

All in favor: 17.

All opposed: none.

Next PTA meeting will be September 30th, 6–7pm, possibly with food and or childcare.

Shelly: we need volunteers to move tables: (7:30–7:45am, and 2–2:15pm) please reach out to Shelly Gillespie or the Volunteer Coordinator Misty at

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