PTA Emergency General Meeting Minutes, September 3rd 2021

Meeting start time: 8am. Attendees: Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Nayeli Perez, Cynthia Kiefer, Sara Bills, Mason Marsh, Libby Listo, Carla Wooten, Ross and Carrie Turkus, Rebecca Green, Eva Ripato, Sara Meyer, Margi Felix-Lund, Ashley and Bob Lange, Ronica and Owen Norvell, Francis Storr. Three points to discuss: Christine Vial: We areContinue reading “PTA Emergency General Meeting Minutes, September 3rd 2021”

PTA General Meeting Minutes, May 20th 2021

Attendees: Amy Occholino, Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Nayeli Perez, Ted Occholino, Courtney, Marisela Perez,John Melvin, Susy, Cynthia Kiefer Final PTA meeting of the school year. Three points to discuss School Survey Results School Staff Changes Open PTA Leadership board positions for next year John Melvin & Cynthia Keiffer Talk through presentation.Continue reading “PTA General Meeting Minutes, May 20th 2021”

PTA General Meeting Minutes, January 21st 2021

Meeting Start Time: 6:06pm. Attendees: Nayely Perez, Christine Vial, Lale Santelices, Annalisa Romano, Abra Mcnair, Ahren Lutz, Amy Galluci, Amy Occholino, Ted Occholino, Caitlin Hemphill, Charlotte Hodde, Counrtney Acostagrates, Cynthia Keiffer, Derrisha Boyd, Emile S, Emily Shultz, Francis Storr, Heather Noble, John Melvin, Kamil & Hector Lopez, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Mariella Perez Carasco, MarkContinue reading “PTA General Meeting Minutes, January 21st 2021”

PTA General Meeting Minutes, November 19th 2020

Meeting Start Time: 7:05pm. Attendees: Amy Occholino, Ted Occholino, Marge Heffernan, Kim Cotter, Annalisa Romano, Christine Vial, Francis Storr, Misty Germaund Standing Rules Christine Vial: raised a motion to file the standing rules for 2021. Marge Heffernan: seconded the motion. All in attendance approved standing rules for 2021. Bobbie Reegan: asked for a formal endorsementContinue reading “PTA General Meeting Minutes, November 19th 2020”

PTA General Meeting Minutes, October 12th 2020

Meeting Start Time: 6:35pm. Attendees: Annalisa Romano, Christine Vial, Marge Heffernan, Bobbie Reegan (Speaker), Heather Noble, April Vann, Amy and Ted Occholino, Kim and Brandon Cotter, Courtney Acostagrates, Jay Longfellow, Mark Freeman, Francis Storr, Suzy Wasmuth, Lourdes George, John Melvin Introductions (everyone present gave a brief self introduction) Bobby Reegan – Speaker on Vote YESContinue reading “PTA General Meeting Minutes, October 12th 2020”