PTA General Meeting Minutes, January 21st 2021

  • Meeting Start Time: 6:06pm.
  • Attendees: Nayely Perez, Christine Vial, Lale Santelices, Annalisa Romano, Abra Mcnair, Ahren Lutz, Amy Galluci, Amy Occholino, Ted Occholino, Caitlin Hemphill, Charlotte Hodde, Counrtney Acostagrates, Cynthia Keiffer, Derrisha Boyd, Emile S, Emily Shultz, Francis Storr, Heather Noble, John Melvin, Kamil & Hector Lopez, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Mariella Perez Carasco, Mark Freeman, Michelle Beckett, Misty Germaud, Quentin Perigal, Robin Rolfe, Shellie Gillespie, Jeremy Simer, Susan Wassmuth, Truman Mayhew

Portland Bureau Of Transport Safe Routes To School Presentation

Questions and observations of streets and crosswalks of impact.

Kim Cotter, 6:11 PM
Polk and Lombard has become problematic, heading north.
Shelley Gillespie, 6:13 PM
I would love to see a four way stop at Central and Mohawk.
Susan Wassmuth, 6:13 PM
Also, Central and Oswego is very dangerous. People often fly through the intersection.
Shelley Gillespie, 6:14 PM
Charleston and Central has become very problematic. People haven’t been stopping at the stop signs since local access only has been put up.
Amy Occhialino, 6:15 PM
Yes, rings true.
Emilie S., 6:15 PM
N Mohawk and N Jersey should be a four way stop.
Robin Rolfe, 6:15 PM
Jersey and Mohawk needs work too, as people don’t have to stop and come quickly around the corner (when they’re on Mohawk).

It was noted that there is no crossing stripping on Charleston and Leonard where safety patrol are crossing students

If there are further intersections of concern, or would like to hear more about Safe Routes to School contact PBOT via the following email addresses:,

LIPI (Limited In Person Instruction)

John Melvin shared slides regarding LIPI.

  • LIPI vs. CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning): LIPI is supplemental and does not replace CDL.
  • Small groups of children- 7-8 students in 2 hours blocks/ 2 times per week (most likely afternoons).
  • Teachers will have to teach CDL and LIPI if they volunteer (they will be paid for their time).
  • LIPI is dependent on staff volunteerism.
  • James John was chosen as an initial site because the school is already offering childcare via Campfire.
  • Portland Public Schools (PPS) says initial groups would be K-3. James John would start with grade 3, as they are old enough to handle two-hour blocks with masks and following protocols set by PPS for safety.
  • It was brought up that President Biden had, earlier that day, signed the Executive Order on Supporting the Reopening and Continuing Operation of Schools and Early Childhood Education Providers.


Q. How are students going to be safe?
A. PPS has put safety measure into place regarding PPE, ventilation, custodial practices, sick identification of students. Also, why they would start with 3rd graders.
Q. How will vaccines play into this?
A. Starting next week, Group 1B, which teachers are a part of, will begin vaccination schedule. The second vaccine will have to be within 3 weeks. Currently there is a low teacher volunteerism rate. More will likely volunteer after 2nd dose of vaccine.
C. Keiffer: Emphasis on Limited on LIPI. Students able to participate will be invited. Among invited students will be most impacted, and struggling with participation. Note- invited student do not have to participate. It is up to the individual families.
Q. It’s stated that Special Ed will be amongst the first groups back, will SES classes be included, as well?
A. It depends on the teachers that volunteer. If no teachers volunteer, substitutes will be brought in. Want to make sure that Teachers are part of our school community.
Q. How will you decide to focus LIPI time?
A. LIPI time will focus on reading, math and social-emotional. Much will be up to the need of the students and teachers. There will be focus on connection and hands on activities and things that cannot be replicated in CDL.
Q. How many teachers volunteered?
A. One teacher is a definite. Some teachers and support staff are a maybe. Some are dependent on vaccine schedule. After 2nd dose more are likely to volunteer.
Q. Can you review the timeline again — still next week for start?
A. Timeline: Jan 25, date to start the plan. Two weeks to plan, and set up for a class. Feb 8 start earliest for at most two afternoons per week, for two hours. PPS will make a formal announcement later this week.
Q. Grandparents raising and or caring for students — what about asymptomatic students at school? Why not wait until 2nd vaccine?
A. The families that are invited to participate must think about these things. There is no obligation to participate, and if there is any hesitation — it may be best not to participate.
(Chat response to above question) Thank you, Hector. My mother is a public school teacher in Chicago, a cancer survivor, who is being forced back to work this Monday. My brother, also a public school teacher in Chicago, is already back in Chicago and can no longer have his mother-in-law, going through chemo, help care for his six-month-old daughter.
Q. Is it possible our student could lose their current teacher with shifts?
A. No. The teachers that choose LIPI will do this in addition to their CDL classes.
Q. Will PPS be providing students with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
A. PPS will provide students with masks. There are COVID protocols, all school materials will stay at school, there will be disinfectants and janitorial staff. For teachers there will be face shields and gloves.
Q. Is there an enhanced ventilation / air filtering plan for the school when in-person starts? It seems like the research shows that air replacement is at least as important as social distancing and PPE.
A. Windows will be open. There will be a modern air filtration device (unsure of what exactly). PPS did employ and Industrial Hygienist to come in and verify what James John needs to ensure a safe space for air quality.
Q. Will PPS provide COVID Testing?
A. Not now. After March 1 2021, it will be required that if a student shows symptoms there will be rapid testing.
Q. Who determines who is eligible for LIPI?
A. Students who have low engagement and are in the 3rd grade.
Q. Is PPS planning to expand beyond the 7-8 kids in the 3rd grade this year?
A. It all depends on volunteerism. There is no pressure to grow it from PPS. Much is still up the air, and based on vaccines.

Pop-Up Adverts On Students’ Computers

MAP Testing

  • MAP testing in reading and math can be done remotely, based on two schools that have piloted this program. They found similar outcomes from distance learning testing and in class testing.
  • Teachers will walk through with students. Mostly likely will be in the mornings and should take about one hour.
  • They will most likely be done for a whole class at the same time.
  • Tests will be done in February.

Black History Month

  • Last year we had a very successful Black History Night Event. This year some teachers are planning a virtual event for February 25. Maybe something physically at school (dependent on daily COVID circumstances).
  • If anyone has any ideas or would like to contribute or join a planning committee, please contact Dr. Melvin.

PTA Funding Proposal

  • Background: Maestra Ramos, a 4th grade DLI teacher, has really poor internet access. She lives in rural Washington and can’t her increase internet speed. She constantly gets kicked out of class, which makes it very hard for her to teach.
  • The PTA has received a donation of $1000 that is specific to helping teachers with their media access.
  • The solution to this issue is satellite service for six months.
  • Dr. Melvin worked with a company to get M.Ramos satellite service for six months for $600.

Move to use the donation

Shelley Gillespie, 7:03 PM
Yes, thank you for the information, and for holding this down in such challenging times.
Shelley Gillespie, 7:08 PM
I want to support this, but why can’t the district pay for it?
Emilie S., 7:08 PM
Yes, please gift her the satellite internet!
Misty Gremaud, 7:09 PM
yes during classes our son is disconnected often 😦
Christine Vial, 7:09 PM
I move that we use the donation in PTA to fund Ms Ramos’ internet service.
Shelley Gillespie, 7:10 PM
I second.
Misty Gremaud, 7:10 PM
I third!

PTA Votes To Use Funding

Francis Storr, 7:13 PM
Cynthia Kieffer, 7:13 PM
Annalisa Romano, 7:13 PM
John Melvin, 7:13 PM
Amy Occhialino, 7:13 PM
Marge Heffernan, 7:13 PM
Quentin Pergiel, 7:13 PM
Jay Longfellow, 7:13 PM
Kim Cotter, 7:13 PM
Shelley Gillespie, 7:13 PM
Yes from Shelley and Jeremy
Emilie S., 7:13 PM
I’m saying yes a second time because I said yes before the motion 🙂
Emily Shultz, 7:13 PM
Christine Vial, 7:13 PM
Misty Gremaud, 7:13 PM
Robin Rolfe, 7:13 PM
Ted Occhialino, 7:13 PM
Mark Freeman, 7:13 PM

The meeting ended at 7:20pm.

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