PTA General Meeting Minutes, May 20th 2021

  • Attendees: Amy Occholino, Christine Vial, Annalisa Romano, Kim Cotter, Marge Heffernan, Nayeli Perez, Ted Occholino, Courtney, Marisela Perez,John Melvin, Susy, Cynthia Kiefer
  • Final PTA meeting of the school year.

Three points to discuss

  1. School Survey Results
  2. School Staff Changes
  3. Open PTA Leadership board positions for next year

John Melvin & Cynthia Keiffer

Talk through presentation. District wide survey went out in February for staff and students to answer—full details are in the presentation slides. Perhaps for next year- James John can create a similar survey at the beginning of the year and send it out again at the end of the year to see changes made within the year. Add in PTA questions as well.

Questions about what next year may look like

Q. Will the day be structured around computer as much while kids are in school?

A. (Dr. Melvin) There will be some computer based learning, however to keep it as a tool for learning, and not rely too heavily on it.  Teachers have found many parts of computer based learning that work, and things that don’t or have better outcomes in person.

Q. What to do with Chromebooks?

A: Students will keep the Chromebooks with them.

Staffing Changes

Looking for new Media Specialist / Librarian, Principal Secretary, PE, Social Emotional Classroom, Reading Specialist.

Summer School

Teachers will select students that they see need extra support. 5th Graders should look to George for summer school options.

PTA Leadership

Next Year: Hoping we will have in-person meetings. The PTA intent is to focus on rebuilding parent / caregiver community.

Open Leadership Roles

  • Vice President,
  • Co-President,
  • Secretary,
  • Library,
  • Green Team,
  • Communications,
  • Development,
  • Fundraising Chair,
  • Membership,
  • Events Chair,
  • Parent Engagement.

Ideally we will wait until fall to find new leadership, due to the lack of in person connections able to be made this year. Looking for parents of Kindergarteners and 1st grade to take on some roles.

Hoping for fall events to be able to happen, and have optimism for new families to become involved.


  • We will send a flier home with Kindergarteners about PTA involvement.
  • Looking for Garden Volunteers.
  • Jay Longfellow and Laura Streib are working on mural for Kindergartener building.
  • Trash Cans to make a come back in the fall on the playground.
  • Memory Jar for the staff that are retiring this year.

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