PTA General Meeting Minutes, November 19th 2020

  • Meeting Start Time: 7:05pm.
  • Attendees: Amy Occholino, Ted Occholino, Marge Heffernan, Kim Cotter, Annalisa Romano, Christine Vial, Francis Storr, Misty Germaund

Standing Rules

  1. Christine Vial: raised a motion to file the standing rules for 2021.
  2. Marge Heffernan: seconded the motion.
  3. All in attendance approved standing rules for 2021.
  4. Bobbie Reegan: asked for a formal endorsement from the James John PTA.

Measure 26-215, Yes To PDX Schools

  1. Amy Occholino: raised a motion to endorse measure 26-215, Yes to PDX Schools.
  2. Marge Heffernan: seconded the motion.
  3. Everyone in attendance was in agreement, no nays.

Discussion on PTA meeting attendance

PTA meetings have been lacking in attendance levels; how to get word out and encourage new membership.

PTA Membership

Board members need to be registered on MemberHub.

Next PTA Meeting

The next PTA Meeting will be online in January.

The meeting ended at 7:30pm.

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