PTA General Meeting Minutes, October 12th 2020

  • Meeting Start Time: 6:35pm.
  • Attendees: Annalisa Romano, Christine Vial, Marge Heffernan, Bobbie Reegan (Speaker), Heather Noble, April Vann, Amy and Ted Occholino, Kim and Brandon Cotter, Courtney Acostagrates, Jay Longfellow, Mark Freeman, Francis Storr, Suzy Wasmuth, Lourdes George, John Melvin

Introductions (everyone present gave a brief self introduction)

Bobby Reegan – Speaker on Vote YES on Measure 26-215! Safe and healthy schools for Portland’s children.

  • Renewal Bond- means, no additional tax money, just a continuation of already established tax rate. Renewing a bond from 8 years ago.
  • Capitol Bond- pay for buildings and infrastructure, not teachers salaries.
  • Continue the commitment to update and rebuild all the Portland High Schools.
  • Focus on schools that have been traditionally attended by black students and families.
  • Update curriculum.
  • Make all buildings ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible.
  • Seismic upgrades.
  • Safety improvements (for example: locks on all classroom doors).
  • There will be a Citizen Oversight Committee this time around- to maintain transparency in costs.
  • Visit to find out more.

Bobbie Reegan asked for a formal endorsement from the James John PTA.

Amy Occholino raised a motion to endorse measure 26-215, Yes to PDX Schools.

Marge Heffernan Seconded the motion.

Everyone in attendance was in agreement, no nays.

Speaker: Suzy Wasmuth, SUN School Site Manager

SUN School is holding virtual Sun School, open to all students. Registration is still open and will remain open until October 16, 2020. Find out more about classes via James John SUN School Facebook page.

SEI SUN School can also help families in need of Rent, Food and Utilities Assistance. Ask a teacher to help get in touch or direct through the SEI SUN School website.

Speaker: John Melvin, Principal James John

  • Updates:
    • 5th week of school, overall successful and also frustrating.
    • Student Council, classes are working on electing officers.
    • Garden Expansion, looks great. First lesson from GROW is being posted to Seesaw for the kids to be able to learn about our garden.
  • The theme of the month is “Resilience”
  • With National Elections coming up, staff are preparing to support kids with the outcomes
  • New Vice Principal this year: Cynthia Kieffer.


  • School-wide fall art project:
    • Supported by the PTA and Jay Longfellow.
    • Kids are encouraged to post a photo to Seesaw of a fall art project they have completed to be entered in to win a raffle prize.
    • PTA will provide a packaged craft to be handed out during meal disbursement days and times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3-5pm).
  • Library Books:
    • Robin Wolfe passes out prepackaged book bags for the kids to borrow. Also during meal pick up times mentioned above.
  • Playground has been re-striped and is looking good.
  • Christine Vial will send out a doodle poll to find out best times and dates for next virtual PTA meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 7:36pm.

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